Chippenham Borough Lands Charity


The objects of the Charity are set out below and are achieved through making grants to appropriate individuals and organisations. The Trustees aim to encourage applications from the local community and have employed methods such as drop in sessions targeting specific groups, monthly press releases on grants awarded and networking at local community events. a) The relief of the aged, sick, disabled or poor inhabitants of the Parish of Chippenham. b) The provision or assistance in provision, for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Chippenham and its neighbourhood or any section of those inhabitants, of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation where that provision is charitable by virtue of Section 1 of the Recreational Charities Act (1958) (a) (facilities provided in the interests of social welfare). c) The advancement of education for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Chippenham. d) The promotion of any other charitable purpose (whether or not of a nature similar to any purpose specified in paragraphs a, b and c above) for the benefit of the inhabitants ofthe Parish of Chippenham.

Professional Advisers

Auditors Monahans
Legal Advisers Thring Townsend
Investment Managers Sarasin & Partners LLP; Gerrard


Mrs D Allen, Mr M Braun, Ms J Budgell, Mr C Dawe, Mrs M Harrison, Mr P Kemp (Chairman), Mrs M Pile, Mr G Bone, Mr T Burke, Mr P Hutton, Mr J Konynenburg, Mr M Packard


Mrs Catherine Flynn (Executive Officer)

Investment Policy

The investment powers are determined by the Instrument of Government which states that monies may be invested in such investment securities or property as the Trustees think fit, as long as at the time of the investment the company concerned has a paid up share capital of at least £750k. The investment policy states that the best investment performance should be obtained without undue risk to the invested charitable funds. The Trustees seek a well balanced portfolio and expect an appropriate increase in the capital value along with a rising level of income. The strategy is reviewed with our investment managers annually. The investment managers have discretionary management of the funds. The Trustees monitor investment performance by receiving quarterly reports, which include benchmark comparisons. In the year to 31 March 2011 the surplus on the Unrestricted funds was £36,234 (2010 £36,771). The deficit on Restricted funds was £1,102 (2010 surplus of £3,791) and in respect of the Endowment funds there was a deficit of £17,149 (2010 £18,848). The endowment funds also show a gain on re-evaluation of £578,740 (2010: £2,560,029).

Grant Policy

The Charity invites applications from those individuals and organisations that are eligible under the objectives of the Charity. The Charity is well known to and fosters relationships with local agencies such as Social Services, Citizens Advice Bureau, SSAFA, CVS, Relate, schools, doctors surgeries, and other charities working in Chippenham, as well as town councillors. These agencies often refer applicants to us and may also have received funds from the Charity in furtherance of the Charity's objectives. Other applicants come via word of mouth or by seeing reports of our grant giving in the local press. The Charity has organised drop in sessions targeting specific groups of the local population, such as families and the elderly, through leaflets distributed via schools and GP surgeries. This year the charity had a stall at a local "community fair" aiming at drawing public awareness to the numerous businesses and services available within the town. The Trustees are not complacent and they, and the staff, seek every opportunity to increase awareness ofthe Charity's existence and aims. The details of awards to individuals are kept confidential. It is the Charity's policy not to provide items that can be obtained under statutory provision and/or through other agencies, such as the Community Care Grant, unless applicants have been unsuccessful via these routes. The Charity does not make awards for the provision of carpets or Council Tax arrears. Grants of £220,218 were awarded during 2010/11. A total of 161 applications were received during the year of which 130 grants were approved. Of those approved, 56 were to individuals. The largest single award was to Relate Mid Wiltshire for its Relateen service at each of three secondary schools and itís "time to talk" sessions within primary schools. The Chippenham branch of the North Wiltshire Citizensí Advice Bureau received further funding for a further one yearís salary costs for the provision of an Advice session supervisor for its debt advice service.


The Trustees meet monthly. The Welfare and Education Sub-committees meet in advance of the main meetings to consider grant applications and make recommendations in relation to funding. The Administration Sub-committee meets less frequently, and at a minimum quarterly, to discuss financial and general management issues for recommendation to the main Board. Certain matters may be delegated to individual sub-committees for approval, such as emergency awards.


The Trustees of the Chippenham Borough Lands Charity will hold enough reserves to cover any outstanding commitments plus three months running costs and redundancy costs. The Reserves are held within the unrestricted fund and are not held in a separate account or shown separately in the accounts. The outstanding commitments are reviewed quarterly by the Trustees to ensure that the level of reserves is adequate. Should the trustees ever find that the reserves have fallen below the required level they will increase them by limiting the number of charitable grants until the reserves rise to an acceptable level again.

Future Commitments

The Trustees future aims and key objectives for the Charity are in the continuance to make awards and improve the land for the benefit of the inhabitants of Chippenham.

Jubilee Building
32 Market Place
SN15 3HP

Tel: 01249 658180
Fax: 01249 446048

CC number: 270062

Performance Guide Rankings

investment assets 804 / 1000
investment income 754 / 995
return on investments 477 / 995
investment management costs 639 / 743
inv mgmt costs as % of inv assets 532 / 743

inv mgmt costs as % of inv income 541 / 743
investment property 216 / 361
income from investment property - / 325
inv property inc as % of investment property - / 225

income from listed investments - / 661
income from short-term investments - / 726
listed investment inc as % of inv income - / 661
short-term investment assets 754 / 988

legacy income - / 226
grants received - / 88
total voluntary income 609 / 628

grants made 512 / 668
charitable expenditure - / 638
charitable expenditure as % of total expenditure - / 335
support costs - / 230
management & administration fees 881 / 970
audit fee per £m of income 77 / 949

total incoming resources 890 / 1000
total resources expended 936 / 1000
total assets 815 / 1000
period ending 2010 2011
legacies - -
grants - -
other voluntary income 0.00 0.00
total voluntary income 0.00 0.00
activities, furtherance of charities objects - -
activities for generating funds 0.02 0.02
trading subsidiaries - -
sales and fees from operating activities 0.02 0.02
investment property - -
dividends - -
total listed investments - -
income from subsidiaries - -
interest on cash & short term inv - -
total investment income 0.34 0.36

fundraising costs - -
investment management costs 0.02 0.02
Investment costs 0.02 0.02
other costs 0.01 0.02
cost of generating funds 0.04 0.04
grants paid 0.30 0.31
management and admin 0.01 0.01
total charitable expenditure 0.31 0.32

ASSETS £m £m
intangible assets - -
tangible fixed 0.63 0.61
investment property 2.94 3.47
equities 5.23 5.50
bonds 1.64 1.49
listed investments 7.64 7.95
programme related investments 0.05 0.04
investment assets 10.63 11.46
other fixed assets - -
total fixed assets 11.26 12.07
stock - -
debtors 0.01 0.01
cash 0.71 0.47
current assets 0.71 0.48
bank loans & overdrafts - -
trade & other creditors, accruals 0.10 0.08
creditors falling due within one year 0.10 0.08
net current assets 0.62 0.40
loans - -
future long-term grant commitments - -
trade creditors - -
subsidiary & associated undertakings - -
creditors falling due after one year - -
provisions for liabilities and charges - -
TOTAL ASSETS 11.88 12.48

ASSETS £m £m
income funds 0.92 0.96
endowment funds 10.95 11.51
restricted funds 0.01 0.01
TOTAL FUNDS 11.88 12.48